Suzuki Swift Sport: new adorable photos released

08/08/2017 00:19:27
Suzuki Swift Sport: new adorable photos released
Suzuki has released some amazing shots of its Swift Sport and we think you’ll love its dashboard, wheel design, and the seat design just as we do

Suzuki has released some amazing shots of its Swift Sport and we think you’ll love them just as we do. Its six new frames covers a front three-quarter angle, the dashboard, the wheel design, the seat design and the exhausts. The black plastic rear bumper insert has a texture that mimics the look of carbonfibre, which is a nice detail if you can avoid scratching it.



The interior is a nicely simplified affair with plenty of understated style. We like. Red trim accents the black, and the analogue instruments have red rims – and we hope it is red this time, rather than the puzzling cherry pink inside the Vitara S. The main screen is the bright and intuitive unit from the Vitara, which is good news. We can see USB and AUX sockets, plus a 12-volt socket. Navigation looks to be installed, and this car also has single-zone climate control, Bluetooth and lane-keeping assist in conjunction with adaptive cruise control. Suzuki hasn’t let us in on any of the car’s vital stats, yet, so we’re still guessing at a sub-900kg kerb weight and 138bhp from a turbocharged 1.4-litre petrol engine.



What Suzuki does say is that this third-gen model “delivers an all-new level of excitement for sport-minded drivers across the world.” ‘Sport-minded?’ Very good, Suzuki. We see what you did, there. As it’s headed for a full reveal at the Frankfurt Motor Show in just over a month, Suzuki has also clarified exactly when we’ll hear more. Full details will emerge on Tuesday 12 September at midday UK time, or 1pm in central Europe. A lot of you leapt to the car’s defence last time, so we’re interested to see what you think now that more shots have been revealed. Let us know below.


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