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Damaged Cars For Sale is your number one car selling and buying company when it comes to repairable cars, cars with salvage title, and wrecked cars. We will promote your used automobile at more than 100 car auctions sites from your area, and will help you get the highest price for the vehicle you are selling.
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Well-informed means well-armed, this is why we are here to answer on your questions and give you councils. Don't hesitate to contact us anytime you need help with your car search, car bidding, posting a car for sale or just to find out more information on something that interests you. We are always ready to guide you through our automotive world!
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1955 Ford classic car for sale
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1996 Ford EXPLORER
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1968 Chevrolet CORVETTE
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1997 Pontiac FIREBIRD
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1995 Nissan 240SX SE
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Customers’ reviews

Sarah D.
I was never interested into salvage vehicles before, but the temptation of getting an almost new BMW X-5 was so strong, that I couldn't resist. I restored it in just a few weeks, with little investment. Thank you for the amazing car I drive now!
August 12th 2015
Abigail M.
I sold my salvage automobile here for a good price. I must confess, I visited lots of dealerships before that, but of course they offered the price I could never go for. Thanks for the help!
March 3rd 2016
John C.
Thanks to damaged cars for sale I have my own small business now, I buy lots of salvage cars here for cheap and after fixing it sell for much better prices.
Dec 2nd 2015

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Damaged Cars For Sale was founded for every salvage vehicles enthusiast and lover who set out to revolutionize the salvage auto buying and salvage title cars selling experience. As an online used car auction company, our mission is to create an easier, more affordable way to purchase repairable cars by giving our clients access to insurance auctions and salvage auto auctions . Salvage sale auctions give you an opportunity to purchase salvage trucks, wrecked cars, hail damage car for a fraction of the price, saving you thousands of dollars in the process. Damaged Cars For Sale is dedicated to providing the ultimate online car buying experience. Everyone is allowed to put his car for sale at our online salvage auctions, it will be promoted on the most popular social media, which means thousands of potential buyers will see it, and bid on it. We understand that buying a salvage car online may be a new experience for many of you, and your trust in our company is of utmost importance. We are dedicated to making sure we provide you with an honest and transparent impounded cars for sale experience, No high-pressure selling, no negotiation tactics, no dealership salesmen. Our damaged car customer centre process is exactly that – all about you