1960 Studebaker Hawk

1960 Studebaker Hawk

$ 14,900 00

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State: Colorado
City: Denver
Address: 745 Austin Bluffs Pkwy
Zip code: 90266
Make: Studebaker
Model: Hawk
Body type: Coupe
Year: 1960
Mileage: 78643
Interior color: Black
Exterior color: Beige
Transmission: Automatic
Engine: 289

The no-longer-Silver Hawk was now just the Studebaker Hawk, and was back for another drubbing in the market. The good news was that both the 6 and the overmatched 259 were shown the door, and the 289 was back under the hood where it belonged, putting out either 210 or 225 horsepower, depending on whether a 2 bbl or 4 bbl carb was chosen. However, sales were down to an abysmal 4,280 units (with an additional handful of six cylinder cars for export). This shouldn’t be a surprise. This shouldn’t be a surprise. While the Lark got a variety of full color ads in popular magazines, the Hawk got a black and white piece telling America about what a sports car it was. A cheap sports car, even. Yes, an American sports car, complete with the same bench seat and column gearshift from the days when the car was still a Studebaker Champion. America knew what a sports car looked like in 1960, and this was not it. Finished In Sudan Beige, Black Standard Bench Interior, Power Steering, 289 V8 Engine, Automatic Transmission, Very Nice Sexy 1960 Studabaker Hawk Sport Coupe, Out Of A Local Collector, Great Early 60 Sports Car That Was Ahead Of It's Time! 

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